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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Steel Conveyor Belt for Your Facility

Finding and using a tool for a certain job on site can be very easy. If you need to cut something, then there are many cutting tools on the market today that you can utilise. The same goes to bonding metals. You can just use a welding machine to get the job done. However, there are many operations in your NZ facility that are a little more complicated than these tasks. One good example of this is a steel belt conveyor system, which involves a range of factors to work efficiently. That is why it can also be challenging to find a steel conveyor belt NZ has that is right for your specific applications.

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Generally, there will be a lot of factors that you have to look into when choosing this component. You will have to determine the type of belting to utilise amongst the numerous options available for different systems and applications to which they are best suited.

To make things easier for you, ask yourself the following questions before you shop:

What specific function am I looking for?

The quality of a steel conveyor belt NZ has that you utilise only for conveying goods from one point to another is very different from one that you will use for specialty applications, such as positioning and indexing. In essence, those for specialty applications are stronger to withstand pressures involved in the process. Your choice of conveyor belt also depends on how inclined or declined your entire conveyor system is. Click here steel conveyor belt NZ

What material am I conveying?

Another way to determine which type of steel belting option is best for your applications is knowing what material you will be conveying in your facility. In doing so, you should determine how big and heavy your materials are, how hot or cold they are, how fragile they are, and how hazardous they are not only to the system but also to the workers around.

While an ordinary steel belt might do well if your operations only involve conveying packaged materials, you might need more durable and stronger options if you are working on larger or heavier objects. Also, if you are processing pharmaceutical and chemical products, which require regular washing, you should go for a type of steel belt that can withstand constant exposure to ingredients. You might even require customised belting options if you are dealing with specialty objects.

What type of environment do I have?

If you are operating at room temperature, then you will do fine with the more flexible options. On the other hand, if you are operating outdoors or working under extreme temperatures exposed to harmful weather elements, then it would be best for you to go for specialty belting options, such as a stainless steel conveyor belt NZ has.

Other Factors That You Have to Consider

Aside from answering the questions above, you should consider other factors that will also make a difference in making the right choice for your applications. When deciding on a steel conveyor belt in NZ, you should keep in mind its tension, speed, length, pulley diameter. To make the right choice, you should seek input from the engineering team working on your conveyor system.

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